Nathaniel and Abby Return In A Submissive Series Holiday Novella. (Will be shipped after November 17, 2020)

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It’s been two years, ten months, and twenty-eight days since Nathaniel and Abby have been anywhere without their children for more than a night, and Nathaniel’s determined to rectify that. Abby may not admit to needing some alone time with her husband and Dominant, but Nathaniel knows better. He sees the desires and needs she too often brushes aside in order to care for their family, and the sacrifices she makes to mentor the members of their BDSM club.

Though she denies it, Nathaniel’s certain taking her away for a week is what they both need. He doesn’t even mind when she continues to argue about it with him. After all, he knows exactly how to handle a naughty submissive...