28 Jul
I thought I’d share with you a little background on NATHANIEL’S GIFT,  because if you’ve ever asked me about another story with Nathaniel and Abby, I was probably less than optimistic. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine anything to add to their story.

I’ve always wanted to write something for the holidays, but the time was never there. However, this year with everyone’s schedules,  I found I had an unexpected pocket of time that would be perfect for writing a holiday novella.

I knew I wanted it set in the Submissive Series word, but I truly thought it would involve everyone and not focus on any one couple. That’s when Nathaniel came up to me and said, “Abby and I have this one.”  

If you’ve ever asked me about another Nathaniel and Abby book, the second thing is I said I couldn’t write anything unless the characters talked to me. Well, Nathaniel did, and you can’t tell that man no, LOL!

That’s how Nathaniel’s Gift was born. 

Release date is November 17, 2020.

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