15 Nov

Releasing December 15, 2021, join Abby and Nathaniel  for more sexy times fun.

Nathaniel thought he was simply hiring a new executive. Instead, he might have put into motion the beginning of the end.

Nathaniel and Abby West return in a novella from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series that brings more of the unpredictable antics and sensual sexy times the couple is known for.

Ellery Manne is Nathaniel’s newest hire. As CIO, she soon has a reputation of being cold and impersonal. Nathaniel believes she’s only introverted and hasn’t had a chance to meet new people since her recent move across country. To help, he and Abby invite Ellery and her husband over for dinner.

After a disastrous dinner and a seemingly accidental meeting at a local BDSM club, the Wests soon learn the newest couple in town isn’t at all what they appear to be. Finding out the truth about them is turning out to be harder than anticipated for Nathaniel. However, he’s a patient man and has no trouble waiting for the truth to reveal itself. He has time.

Until one phone call from Abby brings time to a halt.

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